Chinese Medicine & Chiropractic Telehealth Video and Phone Consultations

During the current Covid-19 public health crisis, telehealth options are becoming the safest way to receive non-urgent healthcare. At the North Portland Wellness Center, we are able to offer both phone and video telehealth appointments with all of the Acupuncturists and our Chiropractor.


What is an Acupuncture Telehealth Appointment?

  • An appointment over the phone or with Facetime/Zoom
  • An opportunity to talk to your acupuncturist about a current, new or ongoing healthcare complaint, including upper respiratory or virus-related concerns
  • Your telehealth appointment may include instruction on cupping, gua sha and other self massage of complaint-specific acupressure points
  • It may also include a recommendation for Chinese herbs, supplements or home care tools
  • Coaching on meditation, breathing and staying grounded in these stressful times


What is a Chiropractic Telehealth Appointment?

  • An appointment over the phone or with Facetime/Zoom
  • An opportunity for new or current patients to talk to your Dr about your new or ongoing complaint, and get advice about next steps. This is especially beneficial if you are not able to come into the clinic in person
  • Assessment and coaching on rehabilitative exercises and stretches
  • Initial Evaluations and treatment planning for pain and/or injury treatment
  • Re-Evaluations and recommendations for an ongoing issue or new complaint


Some details to know:

  • Co-pays, co-insurance and deductibles still apply if you are utilizing insurance. Most insurance plans are covering telehealth with very few restrictions through the entirely of this public health crisis.
  • We also offer a prompt pay discount option if you are not utilizing insurance. The prompt pay rates are based on how much time is needed on the call. If you are interested in knowing more, please contact the front desk to discuss your personal situation.
  • Unfortunately, at this time due to state regulations Telehealth Acupuncture is only available for patients who reside in the state of Oregon