1) New patients need to call our office to make their 1st appointment

We want to make sure your experience with us is as seamless as possible! Please call our front desk to get set up as a new patient prior to utilizing our online scheduler. Once you are set up in our system, you can bypass the front desk and schedule directly online. Please have your insurance card (if applicable) and credit card ready for your first call. See our scheduling logistics page for more information.

To book your appointment, call our office at (503) 493-9398.

2) If you are using insurance for your care, please ensure your provider is still in network and that you have verified your own coverage for this service. Not all providers are in network with all insurance companies. See our Insurance page for our current list of in-network providers.

3) If you are a current patient but have had any changes to your insurance, please call the clinic to provide your new insurance details so we are able to bill on your behalf for your appointment. You will be responsible for the cost of the appointment if not covered by insurance. Please see our handy benefits self-check form on our Insurance Page.

4) If you have been in a motor vehicle or work-related accident, you must call the clinic to schedule. Your medical insurance will not cover treatments related to a car or work accident. We can bill most motor vehicle claims and some workers compensation plans.

5) Late Cancellations, less than 24 hours in advance, cannot be processed through our online scheduler. Please call our office.