Benny Ly, LMT (he/him/his)

Massage Therapist

I thoroughly enjoyed my session! I work out quite a bit and often various parts of my body are so sore. Your knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics really helped alleviate some of that strain, and I learned a few things that I didn’t even think of during our assessment. Not to mention you were considerate of my needs and made sure to check in often to ensure that I was comfortable and wasn’t in pain. I am very pleased with the work that you do and would highly recommend you to others looking to feel better and relaxed! Jenny L

License # 26616

Currently Accepting/In-Network: Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield, Moda and Cigna in-network insurance. United Health Care out-of-network insurance.  Car Accidents, Worker Comp Claims, and patients choosing not to utilize insurance.

Benny graduated from East West College of the Healing Arts in the Summer of 2021. His bodywork fundamentals are grounded in Deep Tissue and Swedish Massage, with a growing interest in Myofascial release and Thai massage. He has an apt understanding of anatomy that allows for a direct and treatment-based approach to massage. He uses these skills and interests to help the body to move comfortably with reduced restrictions.

Benny has always been inclined towards a profession in the medical field due to his empathetic nature. Being a native to Portland, he desires to integrate therapeutic touch to the marginalized population of this community. The lead catalyst into shifting careers to massage therapy was when he obtained a low back injury. He found that traditional western medicine only masked his ailments and did not treat the underlying issues that can be associated with chronic pain. Only with the integration of bodywork and physical therapy did he begin to have progress in his healing. His personal experience with massage gave him a new sense of mindfulness and hope and through this journey he sought further education into natural disciplines.

A treatment session with Benny includes a brief assessment within a safe space allowing the patient to express their discomfort and address goals. This may also include a postural and movement assessment where they locate possible imbalances and problem areas. With the patient’s consent, Benny will implement an individualized treatment plan with a variety of deep tissue, movement, and relaxation techniques. This aims to facilitate the patient’s mind-body connection and encourage long lasting positivity towards the patient’s wellness.

 In his down time, Benny enjoys working out and cooking homemade meals for friends and family.