It's time to focus on Self-Care

Is your body aching from too much computer work and not enough movement? Here are some of our favorite clinic self-care tools. These items are the most recommended tools that we think every household should have. Most of these we have in stock and porch pick-up can be arranged, or purchase online.

We're in this together.

Have you ever been cupped? We found these great silicon cups from Lure that are easy to use at home. Match this with our in-house handmade cupping balm, and you’ve got a great way to get those muscles loosened up. You can cup yourself or team up with a family member to get those hard-to-reach areas. These are great for kids, too. We have the Zen Body Cupping Set in stock at the clinic or you can order through their website

cups 2
Ear seeds

Has your acupuncturist ever ended your treatment with ear seeds? The ear provides a whole microsystem to treat every area of the body and have been successfully used to treat anxiety, stress, pain, insomnia and more. Ear seeds are typically stainless steel or vaccaria seeds on surgical tape. We get ear seed kits from a great small company called We have some in stock at the clinic and you can also purchase them here. Feel free to contact us if you need a recommendation!

This time of year, it is getting cold and damp and we can all use a little warm up on our tight neck and shoulders. We have a good assortment of locally made Sweet Dreams lavender neck warmers, lavender large and small heat wraps, lavender eye pillows and eye masks in the clinic. Great colors and patterns in stock!

Sweet dreams
Foam rollers

No home self-care station would be complete this year without a foam roller. At our house, we have a white one, a black one (firmer), a half round one (I used during pregnancy) and even a travel-sized red one. The foam roller is a tool that I use every night to help stretch my back and open up my chest/pecs. I also use it for hip-opening. We have full and half-sized foam rollers at the clinic, you can also purchase them here:

Cando 30-2100 White Round Foam Roller, 6" Diameter x 36" Length

This is another clinic favorite. This wooden Mah Roller or Earthlite Wooden Massager is meant to be used on the floor, with the weight of your body creating the pressure. It is designed to hit the muscle groups on both sides of your spine, and it feels great roll your body up and down. You can also use the ends of the tool to effectively get your QL muscle in your low back. Sometimes we have these in stock at the clinic, but you can also find them online here:

EARTHLITE Wooden Massage Back Roller - Deep Therapeutic Massage Tool, Back Pain Relief & Trigger Point Release (15”)

wooden roller

The Theracane is one of our personal favorites, and a tool that is often recommended to anyone who has a tight neck and shoulders. This tool allows you to ergonomically get into hard-to-reach areas without compromising your body mechanics. Sometimes we have these in stock, but you can also find them online here:

Thera Cane Massager: Green

There are a lot of knock offs, just make sure if you get a different brand that you get one that doesn’t have much give in the plastic. You want it to be stiff.

Wellevate is our online patient portal for supplements and herbs. It connects with Emerson Ecologics, the distributor where we get many of our supplements. We've set it up in our system so that all patients get an automatic 20% off of their purchases. And they offer free shipping over $50. Providers can log in and make a recommendation for you, just email if you need help navigating it! 


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