Monica B. Zimmerman, LAc (they/them)

"I hadn't been to the NPWC for several years, until recently returning for treatment of a frozen shoulder. I scheduled with Monica for both acupuncture and shiatsu. It was both therapeutic and super relaxing, I wish I'd called sooner. Monica's calm demeanor and highly-intuitive approach gave me both pain relief and hope that I don't have to just live on IBU and wait it out as the injury heals. My shoulder flexibility was also slightly improved immediately after treatment. Everyone is different, but in my case a combination of acu and shiatsu, coupled with standard PT exercises and stretches has helped significantly."

-Andy F.


While all of our acupuncturists are talented generalists who can treat a wide range of concerns, Monica has an extensive background in treating immune disorders, pain syndromes, age related concerns as well as patients going through cancer treatment.  Monica is also an excellent match for patients experiencing life changes, crisis or trauma as well as care-givers  or those in service careers experiencing burnout.

Currently Accepting/In-Network: Car Accidents, Workers Comp Claims, Patients choosing not to utilize insurance, ASH, Providence, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Kaiser Referrals, CHP Self-Referred, Pacific Source, United Health Care, Moda, First Choice

Monica earned a Masters of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in 2004. She previously worked as an acupuncturist and Zen Shiatsu practitioner for nearly 15 years at The Immune Enhancement Project, a local non-profit,  treating people going through cancer treatments, pain syndromes, and a variety of other immune disorders.  For the last 10 years she has worked at Providence ElderPlace with the over 55 population on various health concerns such as low back, neck, knee and shoulder pain; reducing pain medications such as opioids and morphine, and treating mental and emotional health.

Prior to becoming an acupuncturist, Monica graduated from Cornell College (1991) with a BA in Women’s Studies and Biology.  She was first introduced to acupuncture in the early 90’s in Madison, WI, where she sought treatment for a recovery from knee surgery from playing soccer.  The healing that Monica experienced in these treatments went beyond just relief from pain, into what she describes as the energetics of the medicine.  From then on, she combined a lifelong interest in physical activities with energetics of the mind-body connection.  Around the same time Monica began practicing yoga which furthered her interest in the interplay between physical, mental and spiritual aspects of well-being.

After a move to the Pacific Northwest Monica began her training at OCOM and found not only an interest in acupuncture but a deep connection and love for Zen Shiatsu. Assisting the body’s ability to heal while also supporting people with their connection to their life force, Zen Shiatsu became a foundation for her work with the needles and East Asian Medicine.  Monica’s work is both intuitive and energetic, and seeks to reestablish harmony/balance in daily life. She often combines needles with shiatsu and recommends simple yoga stretches or herbal formulas when necessary.

In her spare time, Monica enjoys adventures with friends and family, music, yoga, travel, Nordic skiing, hiking, wildcrafting, and being in nature.