Mary Chen, LAc (she/her)

"I have been coming to this place for about a year now and I love it! I came to NPWC after a car accident that left me with a back injury, some depression and anxiety. I wasn't sure acupuncture would work and had heard mixed reviews, but it has turned out to be even more effective than I anticipated. I see Mary Chen about every 3 weeks now and she is always calm, polite, and friendly and has always taken the time to answer my questions. She has given me some helpful diet tips as well and is open to researching and exploring new ways to treat your ailments. The atmosphere is clean, calming and quiet. It is intimate and classy but keeps the Portland feel in a cute little house. I rarely have issues with street parking and the guy who lives next door is a real hoot! They also offer oils, salts and these herbal lozenges from Golden Lotus Herbs that I can't live without. Seriously, try them."

-Sarah B

Currently Accepting/In-Network: Car Accidents, Workers Comp Claims, Patients choosing not to utilize insurance, ASH, Aetna, Cigna, Providence, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Kaiser Referrals, CHP Self-Referred, Pacific Source, United Health Care, Moda, First Choice, Samaritan Health

Mary is a North Portland Acupuncturist who treats acute & chronic pain, sports and car accident injuries, women's health, pregnancy and more. She found her inspiration and joy of acupuncture through her grandfather.  He was a renowned pharmacist and inventor who created one of the first adhesives for internal surgery as well as topical lotions to heal various skin conditions. He always said, ‘Whatever you do, do it for the good of humanity.’

This motto followed Mary through college and graduate school. She wanted to make a difference on a personal level.  Her interest in working with people physically, emotionally and spiritually advanced through her studies at the University of Texas at Austin where she focused on kinesiology and psychology. She continued her education at the Academy of Oriental Medicine at Austin concentrating on traditional Chinese medicine and tui na.

Mary uses a combination of acupuncture, herbs, cupping, tui na (asian body work) and sports medicine to treat numerous conditions such as painsports injuries, allergies, migrainesemotional imbalances, digestive issues, insomnia, PMS, menopause, cancer support, stress, and fatigue.  Her focus in sports medicine emphasizes the value of effective training  techniques, recovery time and maintenance. Mary works with a variety of athletes and enjoys supporting them on and off the field, court, track or trail. As the leader of the North Portland running club and director of USA Fit Portland, she is dedicated to promoting preventative care by encouraging patients to seek an active lifestyle, healthy diet, exercise and integrative medicine.

Mary is currently a member of the Providence Board of Foundations for Cancer Research.

Winner of Natural Awakenings Magazine “Nattie Awards” for Favorite Acupuncturist in 2014 & 2018.