Joie Bennett, LMT (he/him)

"Joie’s body work was so helpful in my healing post motor vehicle accident. He has a strong, steady hand that really helped ease tension in my neck and upper shoulders and gave me a range of motion that I hadn’t experienced post accident. Additionally, Joie is really intuitive and great at communicating the work that he is doing while I am on the massage table". AS

License #24478

Currently Accepting/In-Network: Car Accidents, Worker Comp Claims, Patients not choosing to utilize insurance, Blue Cross Blue Shield & Moda

Joie graduated from East West College of the Healing Arts with a focus on Neuromuscular Therapy and Structural Integration. He was fortunate to have Renee Stenbjorn, Neuromuscular Therapy Specialist, as his East West College mentor, and has assisted her in delivering continuing education courses to practitioners.  Joie honed his skills after graduation by working at a sports medicine and rehabilitation clinic where he specialized in massage therapy for clients who had been involved in motor vehicle accidents or who suffered from sports- or work-related injuries, and for those seeking general body relaxation and maintenance.

Joie found himself drawn to massage through personal experience. He grew up in California, biking, surfing, snowboarding, running, and practicing fitness. When he moved to the Northwest, he fell in love with water sports, mountain biking and commuting by bicycle. He was so continually impressed with the chiropractic and massage therapies he received for the aches and pains of an active life, that he changed his career path and enrolled in East West College. He enjoys the challenge of helping patients with complex problems and chronic pain and shares their joy in healing and recovery. He is passionate about continued learning and brings his curiosity to the clinic to try to find the best way to help clients.

A massage with Joie will include a brief check-in to determine the session priorities. Joie specializes in several techniques which support patients in achieving positive results: myofascial release, PIR/active release, Tui Na, and Deep Tissue work, and is skilled in neck, shoulder, and low back therapeutic massage. He is an active listener and looks for a genuine connection with his clients to assist them through their healing process. He enjoys the challenge of helping patients with complex problems and chronic pain, and he shares their joy in healing and recovery.

When he is not working, you might find him hanging out with his African Gray Parrot, Ruby, playing his bass in a rock band, mountain biking on Mount Hood and beyond, whitewater kayaking, or cooking a great meal for friends.