As Fall Transitions to Winter

In Chinese medicine, fall is the season of the element Metal. Metal is a yin element that motions us inward, asking us to look to the past and review and reflect. This is the season of gently confronting ourselves to cut unhealthy ties that keep us anchored to the past so we can lay the groundwork for change to emerge in spring. This is also a time when many of us face the external busyness of the holidays and the year's end; while it can be wonderful to gather with family and friends in celebration, this time of year can also feel chaotic or overwhelming.

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Stress directly impacts the immune system, so this must also be a season where we carve out time for self-care. As we stay healthy and grounded, it is easier to support and lift up those around us. Luckily, the natural world around us encourages these healthy habits; take advantage of the long nights to get plenty of restorative sleep, enjoy the bounty of delicious and immune boosting foods (see our recipes below), spend time with family and friends, reorganize and declutter your home and enjoy a brisk hike or walk in you favorite neighborhood (don't forget your scarf!).
If you would like more focused individual support this season, don't hesitate to reach out to schedule an acupuncture, massage or chiropractic appointment. All three of these modalities can treat pain while bringing your body into alignment and ensure you feel healthy and relaxed. Additionally, these modalities can stimulate and balance the immune system while also fighting stress and fatigue.


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