Happy Chinese New Year

Wishing you a wonderful Chinese New Year in this year of the Earth Pig!

The pig likes to enjoy life and brings playfulness, humor, good fortune, and joy to your year. The element of earth is associated with strong foundations, growth and harmony. Combining the traits of the earth element, with the justice seeking pig, this is a year to create positive and lasting change by combining efforts with friends and community.

The Year of the Earth Pig completes the rotation of the 12 Chinese Zodiac signs. With this in mind, it is even more important than in other years to contemplate what you want to leave behind and what you want to bring with you into the next phase of 12 cycles. This is a time to truly assess our important relationships. As much emphasis is placed on community and family in the Year of the Earth Pig, it is important to determine which relationships nurture us versus relationships that are no longer healthy.

On a global scale, the balance of the feminine Yin energy with that of the grounding Earth and the realistic, noble and forgiving pig has the potential to move events on the world's stage to a state of balance. This Pig Year energy can come together to help heal the shortcomings of the previous year. The Pig characteristic of forgiveness points to previous sources of conflict losing strength and possibly vanishing altogether. With the Pig's focus on community, friendship and peace this is a time when working together we can achieve positive change.

Giving and receiving in equal measure are important in a Yin Earth year, and generosity and kindness will be rewarded.

Wishing you a year filled with vibrant health, joy and success!

 The NPWC Team


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