Summer Adventure & Massage

Summer is a time of rigorous activity in the Pacific Northwest. There are many opportunities for hiking, paddling, rock climbing, swimming as well as rock climbingorganized team sports and races. Exercise and movement of the body is great for your muscles, brain, cardiovascular system and much more. Sunshine can be a source of vitamin D and exercise in the fresh air can bring more oxygen to your blood.

With all this travel and fun and outdoor adventure, this can be the perfect time to schedule a massage.  Massage therapy can increase circulation in the skin and muscles and can increase tonicity of those muscles you've been working so hard the last couple months. Massage therapy is generally recommend once a month to maintain health and wellbeing. Problem areas can be addressed with regular visits and your practitioner can stay up to date with chronic issues you may be having from performing your favorite activities.

Fall always arrives too soon! Give yourself (and your muscles) a midsummer break with a massage.


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