Check in with Your Body

Check In With Your Body Series – Body Awareness

By: Nicolette Wood

It is well known that regular massage therapy is good for increasing relaxation, decreasing muscle tension and generally improving ones well-being. In addition to the physical benefits, massage therapy can also contribute to body awareness. Sometimes the daily grind of life prevents us from noticing our bodies’ indications that a treatment may be in order. Busy schedules and life responsibilities can allow you to ignore that trigger point in your shoulder, tension in your hips or tightness in your low back. Incorporating a massage session into your busy month as a regular “to-do” item can allow you to catch and address those muscle pains and allow you to increase your well-being, and therefore, productivity. Receiving monthly massage can also give you more body awareness to know which muscles or areas of your body are needing regular or additional attention. You can expect as a part of a routine massage session that a massage therapist may notice potential abnormalities on exposed skin during a session and note them to the client to be addressed further. To help keep your body in check, make an appointment and set aside an hour each month to increase and maintain your own body awareness.


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