Reset, Revive and Resource Yourself in Just 1-minute

Reset, Revive and Resource Yourself in Just 1-minute.

By: Tamra Holder, LMT

If you sit at a computer regularly for long periods, you’ve probably felt it, that pain in your upper back, shoulders and neck from the posture you’ve sunk into while your eyes are locked into the narrow focus obliged by a computer screen. Well, you are not alone, this happens to most everyone, but you do not have to submit to this painful state of being. Freedom from suffering in relationship to your computer can be yours without imposing a rigid and equally painful militaristic posture. So, how can you RESET your posture and find neutral, a place of ease and dynamic equilibrium in relationship to gravity and it’s opposite: ground reaction force? How can you REVIVE yourself, break free from the tension holding you in that familiar statuesque position of Rodin’s “The Thinker” to feeling the dynamism of being wholly alive in each moment? How can you gain access to all your inner RESOURCES in just 1-minute?

Well, set your timers for once every thirty minutes AND TRY THIS:

Starting position:set the height of your seat so your hips are 1”- 2” higher than your knees and scoot to the edge of your seat so your thighs are mostly off of the seat. Use a firm cushion if your seat will not adjust to the height you need. Rest your hands on your thighs. Inhale here. Flexion:give a slight push into your feet and rocking on your sitting bones, send the top of your pelvis (the back of your waist) backward as you begin to melt your spine into a fairly even curve. Begin to exhale about midway as you sink into this C-shape in your spine. Feel the support of your pelvis while you let yourself relax into flexion. Allow your hands to slide out toward your knees. Prepare for Extension:On the pause after your exhale, take your C-shaped spine and it rock slightly forward on your sitting bones. Slide your hands up close to the crease at the top of your thighs. Extension:Now, push down into the ground through your sitting bones, feet and hands to give you the upward impulse for coming into your fullest length. Inhale just after you push off, enjoying a new deep breath. Finding Neutral:As you exhale, rock back on your sitting bones just enough to center your pelvis and allow your spine to settle with gravity into balance. Feel this new place of supported alignment in neutral. Repeat entire sequence 3-6 times (about 1-minute)or longer when you want to unwind more deeply held tensions. If you’re having difficulty getting your muscles to release tension, make an appointment and one of our practitioners will be happy to assist you so you can let go the burden of tension and enjoy the freedom and ease of being fully alive again.


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