The Nourished Kitchen

The Nourished Kitchen By: Jennifer McGruther

By: Colleen Bunker, LAc, NTP

The Nourished Kitchen by Jenny McGruther is the cookbook that my husband and I reach for over and over again in our kitchen. The book is a wonderful collection of farm-to-table recipes that are wonderfully simple and deeply nourishing. This is the food that our great, great grandmother's would've prepared. If you are new to traditional food preparation and have been thinking about trying your hand at fermenting some veggies or making your own yogurt or bone broth, this is a fantastic resource. Jenny's book is a great combination of delicious recipes, nutritional information and how-to manual. Her passion and emphasis is on buying and properly preparing local, whole foods and supporting the farmers that are leading the way in your community. She also has a great website that provides not only recipes but other tips and info about all things food. Recently she posted an article about ways to reduce plastic in the kitchen. This is a beautiful, inspiring book and I think it would be a wonderful holiday gift for yourself or that traditional foodie in your life. Enjoy!


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