Portland Acupuncturists

Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture are widely used for the treatment of many conditions, including:
Acute & Chronic Pain, Sports/Work/Auto Injuries, Women’s Health, Digestive Health, Stress-Related Conditions

Colleen Bunker, LAc


Colleen’s unique gift to her patients is her ability to see them as they truly are – vibrant and whole – despite whatever condition may be manifesting at the time. Grounded in her strong belief in the body’s innate ability to heal itself, she uses a combination of acupuncture, herbal medicine, food therapy, cupping, healing touch and a liberal dose of humor to assist her patients in rebalancing their bodies and minds and enjoying their true health and wellness.

Colleen works with people from all walks life and all nature of illness. She regularly treats pain, mental and emotional issues, digestive upset, PMS, insomnia, cold and flu symptoms, allergies, immune support and fatigue. Being a mom herself, she loves supporting all stages of pregnancy and post-partum. She also has a special interest in working with people 40 and older where she enjoys being a joyful inspiration and helping hand to mature people who have the desire to age with grace, humor and agility of both mind and body.

Colleen first discovered the powerful healing properties of acupuncture when she was caring for her dying father. At that extremely difficult time, she received acupuncture regularly and attributes her ability at the time to stay grounded and healthy to the treatments she received. This experience eventually prompted her to leave her home state of Maine and travel to Oregon to study Chinese medicine and acupuncture at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine (OCOM) in Portland. After graduation from OCOM, Colleen traveled to Nanjing, China to do post graduate study at the China Nanjing International Acupuncture Training Center.

Colleen is also a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and is passionate about the role that good food and proper digestion play in maintaining good health. When needed, she can help her patients to improve their digestion and fine-tune their diet to speed the healing process.

Colleen has two grown sons and lives with her husband, Joe, in southeast Portland. In her free time, she enjoys camping, hiking, cooking and bird watching with her husband. 

Colleen has been practicing at the NPWC for over 7 years and is accepting new patients.

Winner of Natural Awakenings Magazine “Nattie Awards” for Favorite Acupuncturist in 2012, 2013 + 2014, Women’s Health Specialist in 2011, 2012, 2013 + 2014 and Holistic Practitioner of the Year in 2011, 2012, 2013 + 2014.


Mary Chen, LAc

Mary found her inspiration and joy of acupuncture through her grandfather.  He was a renowned pharmacist and inventor who created one of the first adhesives for internal surgery as well as topical lotions to heal various skin conditions. He always said, ‘Whatever you do, do it for the good of humanity.’

This motto followed Mary through college and graduate school. She wanted to make a difference on a personal level.  Her interest in working with people physically, emotionally and spiritually advanced through her studies at the University of Texas at Austin where she focused on kinesiology and psychology. She continued her education at the Academy of Oriental Medicine at Austin concentrating on traditional Chinese medicine and tai chi.

Mary uses a combination of acupuncture, herbs, cupping, tui na (asian body work) and sports medicine to treat numerous conditions such as pain, sports injuries, allergies, migraines, emotional imbalances, digestive issues, insomnia, PMS, menopause, stress, and fatigue. As the leader of the North Portland running club and member of the dragonboat paddling community, she is dedicated to promoting preventative care by encouraging patients to seek an active lifestyle, healthy diet, exercise and integrative medicine. Her focus in sports medicine emphasizes the value of effective training  techniques, recovery time and maintenance. Mary works with a variety of athletes and enjoys supporting them on and off the field, court, track or trail.

Winner of Natural Awakenings Magazine “Nattie Awards” for Favorite Acupuncturist in 2014.



Jessica Maynard, LAc

Jessica’s interest in natural health began when she moved to Portland in 2001. After a few years of self-study and treatment with diet changes and western herbal medicine, she decided to pursue a healing career following a long-held dream of working with and helping others. In 2006 she began post-bac classes at Portland State University, gaining background knowledge in organic chemistry and biochemistry before deciding on a career in Chinese medicine and acupuncture. She graduated from the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine in 2011, and continued her education by volunteering in Nepal with the Acupuncture Relief Project in early 2012. Jessica received her degree from Indiana University in Bloomington, where she completed a double major in history and Spanish in 1999.

Jessica spent ten years as a competitive gymnast in her childhood and teenage years, and finds that the knowledge and intuitive understanding of body awareness, endurance, and strenuous training have given her a keen understanding of musculoskeletal pain. Working with both traditional Chinese medicine and Japanese techniques, her patients experience success with recovery from pain, injury, structural imbalances, as well as digestive disorders and mental-emotional issues. She also has a high interest in treating neurological disorders and women’s health issues.

Jessica recently completed a certificate program with Jeffrey Dann in Koshi balancing, a method that uses subtle Japanese techniques with a sensory and palpatory approach to correcting structural imbalance, which can be a wonderful alternative for needle-sensitive patients. During a treatment with Jessica, one can expect a flowing combination of modalities including palpatory assessment, shiatsu body work, acupuncture, moxa, cupping, and recommendations for herbal therapy when indicated.

In her free time, Jessica enjoys relaxing days with tea and friends, finding her way out into the woods for a hike, and making her way up to the mountain to cross-country ski or snowboard.


Megan Cohen, LAc

Megan received her Master’s in acupuncture and herbal medicine from the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine in 2012. Prior to graduate school, Megan attended the Shiatsu Massage School of Santa Monica, receiving certification in acupressure and meridian therapy. Upon certification she worked for a chiropractor as a massage therapist, furthering her knowledge of the human body and refining skills treating pain, injury, and structural imbalance.

Megan has always had the inner drive to help others.  With undergraduate studies in the theatre arts, she was challenged to seek out the humanity in all of the characters that she played. As an artist, she enjoyed the constant discovery of the depths and many layers that shape us as individuals.  Taking these roots of artistic discovery and bodywork, she found Chinese medicine to be the perfect landing point upon which to unify the art of balancing the physical, emotional, and spiritual elements of health and well being.

As a practitioner, Megan’s primary goal is to listen and support her patients in their natural process of healing and transformation, as well as encourage wellness with a compassionate and holistic approach.  She offers gentle yet thorough treatments that include a blend of acupuncture, Chinese herbs, bodywork, cupping, moxibustion, qigong, and nutritional therapy. Treatment plans are adjusted accordingly to address each individual’s needs. Her special interests include pain management, women’s health, pediatrics, digestive issues, and oncology support.

Megan and her husband are the proud parents of a beautiful baby boy who was joyfully welcomed into the world in January 2013.


Annabelle Snow, LAc

Annabelle Snow’s primary clinical focus is women’s health with a special interest in fertility and working with families through all stages of pre-conception, pregnancy and the transition to parenthood. Annabelle also works with PMS, painful or irregular menses and PCOS, as well as stress-related conditions, digestive health and seasonal respiratory complaints. Annabelle received her Chinese Medical training at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine (OCOM) receiving her MAcOM in 2004. She received her BFA in photography/design from the University of Oregon in 1998.

Annabelle was first introduced to the healing power of acupuncture after surviving a nearly fatal car accident in 1990. She sustained multiple injuries and was fortunate to have a family friend who was able to treat her with acupuncture as soon as she was released from the hospital. This experience changed her life and eventually led to her decision to pursue studies at OCOM.

Annabelle works in partnership with each of her patients to understand and treat the root cause of the distress, illness or disease. Her calm nature and gentle acupuncture techniques provide a solid foundation for each individual healing relationship. She develops a comprehensive treatment plan using a combination of acupuncture, Chinese herbs, and nutrition+lifestyle counseling.

Annabelle splits her time at the Wellness Center managing the business and seeing patients. In her free time, she loves gardening, photography and spending time with her family in nature.

Winner of Natural Awakenings Magazine “Nattie Awards” for Favorite Acupuncturist in 2010 + 2011, Women’s Health Specialist in 2011, 2013 + 2014, and Holistic Practitioner of the Year in 2010 + 2011.


Lili Scott, LAc

Lili Scott’s primary clinical emphasis is the comprehensive assessment and treatment of disharmony in the body. Underlying her approach is the belief that pathology is an opportunity to see beyond the more superficial layers of experience into the deeper levels of the being. Lili brings broad education and experience to the clinic as one of the founders/owners of the Wellness Center and as a practitioner to her patients. She completed her undergraduate studies at UCLA where she earned her bachelor’s degree in pre-law and political science. In 1995 she completed an 800 hour training course in massage therapy at East West College and then went on to continue her education in the treatment of pain and injuries. She received her MAcOM in 2004 from the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine (OCOM) and in received advanced coaching training at New Ventures West in San Francisco, California.

Lili involves each of her patients in the healing process – empowering them by clarifying the connection between the choices they make on a daily basis and how those choices affect their health – mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. The resulting awareness, combined with the healing effects of Chinese medicine and acupuncture, is extremely effective in the treatment of both acute and chronic disorders.

Using a combination of acupuncture, Chinese herbs, nutrition + lifestyle counseling, Lili works with a variety of conditions but especially enjoys working with mental/emotional imbalance, physical/neurological medicine, and stress-related conditions including anxiety, depression, IBS, PMS, insomnia and poor concentration. Her treatment room style, strongly influenced by her coaching background, is direct and purposeful. For patients who need additional support in reaching their goals, Lili is also available on a limited, individual basis for coaching programs.

Lili is currently still seeing patients part-time. She’s happiest outdoors, rain or shine, the coast or the mountains – gardening, hiking, camping, back packing, biking or just spending time with good friends.

Winner of Natural Awakenings Magazine “Nattie Awards” for Favorite Life Coach in 2010 and Favorite Acupuncturist 2013